Welcome to Pet Go Gear!

Welcome to Pet Go Gear!

May 20 , 2019

Hello all and welcome to our page! 

As the first blog on Pet Go Gear, I’d first like to introduce myself and our brand. My name is Jessica Pisano, I love animals and have an undeniable passion for all of them. Pet Go Gear is based out of New York City, however we plan on keeping all our furry friends near and far looking trendy.

At Pet Go Gear, portions of your purchase are donated to animal farm sanctuaries within the tri-state area so while your pets are looking stylish, rescued animals continue to live out their lives comfortably and safely.

Thanks for visiting our page!

Continue to drop by to see featured deals for your fluffy loved ones and return to my blog for recipes, animal news and to stay updated on upcoming events in the animal community. 

We hope to see you soon and thank you for contributing to the welfare of rescued animals. 


Jessica Pisano


  • July 1, 2019

    Colleen Adrion

    Lots of love from Remi from KoreanK9Rescue …Foxy is chilling in the background enjoy !!

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