The Cow Sanctuary Visit 6/19

The Cow Sanctuary Visit 6/19

Jun 19 , 2019

Good evening everyone!

I am very excited to be visiting Helga, the owner of The Cow Sanctuary in Bridgeton, New Jersey tomorrow and all the precious animals at her sanctuary. This amazing woman maintains and cares for all her animals... alone.

I was truly inspired by her speech when I had the opportunity to learn about Helga and her sanctuary at The Garden Party hosted by The American Vegan Society also located in New Jersey this past Memorial Day weekend.

Helga is creative in the way in which she started to support her family of 20+ and her story is inspirational. Please visit to find out more and how you can make a difference.

Today, The Cow Sanctuary has more family members of different species other than cows and I am honored to be able to meet and spend time with them.

Stay tuned for pictures and updates on the visit!


Jessica Pisano

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