Tamerlaine Animal Farm Sanctuary Visit 9/8

Tamerlaine Animal Farm Sanctuary Visit 9/8

Sep 19 , 2019

Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary in Montague, NJ is a very special place to me, it was at their sanctuary, their home, that I attended my first ever vegan event. It was their Flocktoberfest Fest 2018 and considering I knew absolutely no one, I felt so welcomed and so at home. I’ve met influential, amazing and compassionate people here, people who have opened so many closed doors in my life.

Last week, friends and I volunteered to help around the farm. We painted fences and cleaned up pig poo! It was great! There is nothing more satisfying and fulfilling than being surrounded by other animals and feeling all the love they have to give.

Tamerlaine will be hosting their Flocktoberfest event this October 20th, come and spend some time with their family...pigs, cows, chickens, horses, rabbits...there will be food, drinks and entertainment. If you've never visited a sanctuary, Tamerlaine is the first to visit! Peter and Gabby will make you feel welcomed and like family. 



Jessica Pisano

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