Rose Mill Pig Farm Visit 9/1

Rose Mill Pig Farm Visit 9/1

Sep 08 , 2019

Last Sunday I visited the Rose Mill Pig Farm in Rushland, Pennsylvania where I got to meet lots of potbelly babies.

Rose Mill is home to hundreds of pigs where the staff there is known as experts for their care, training and understanding the behaviors of keeping pigs as pets. They offer lots of services for pig parents such as short, long and elder care boarding, veterinarian services, spa treatments and grooming. 

If you are looking to extend your family with an animal companion other than the typical dog or cat, check out Rose Mill's website or plan a visit to meet the staff and piglets.

In the meantime, let me tell you a little bit about my trip to Rose Mill...

It is always a heartwarming sight to see animals roam free... for them to have the ability to either run, walk or take a slow stroll through the woods at their own pace, to feel the wind blow back their ears, freedom to root, smell the earth and get their little snouts dirty with mud. They are their own being and make their own choices...who they want to play with, whether to take a nap in the sun or in the shade, they drink water when they are thirsty and move at their own will.

Unfortunately this is not the case for all animals, the lives that are bred to end up on someones plate will never have the opportunity to feel safe, well taken care of and out of harms way, yet it is refreshing to know there is a possibly for all animals to experience freedom, love and a caring touch. The pigs at Rose Mill and other farmed animal sanctuaries are fortunate to genuinely express themselves, and each one truly has their own personality, just like the cats and dogs we have at home.

Check out some of the pictures I took of the precious pig babies below...


Jessica Pisano

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