Pet Stores & Puppy Mills vs. Rescues & Adoption Centers

Pet Stores & Puppy Mills vs. Rescues & Adoption Centers

Jul 03 , 2019

Many people seek to 'adopt' a true breed, registered to the American Kennel Club without knowing the effects of being born from a breeder who promise a true and full breed of a specific type of dog. Unfortunately, the condition the parents of the adopted dogs are horrendous. They usually live in their own feces and are neglected from love, care and affection. The parents of these puppies are often viewed as 'money makers', used simply to produce babies so the owner can make money.

It is unfortunate that humans seek out the reproductive system of another species just to make money. These precious animals deserve love, peace, compassion and to be with their families... just like humans. 

Please do not support the purchase of a breed from a puppy mill.

There are PLENTY of options, just go to your local shelter. There are lots of snuggly boys and girls from all ages and breeds that need your love and safety!

We rescued my Foxy (Cooking With Foxy) a 9 year old Pomeranian who was actually from a puppy mill. His previous owners went into a nursing home and were unable to care for him. He is now in his forever home (sleeping next to me every night, plenty of snacks, loves and snugs).

Remi, our 9 month old, is from the Korean Meat Market and his journey started from an animal rights activist in Korea who shipped him and his brothers and sisters to America. We have the opportunity to care for him and to make sure his needs are met above and beyond..

It is our duty as humans to ensure that all animal species on this earth are met with basic care, love and affection.

The horrors of puppy mills are not a pleasant site, not something any person would want their children to experience so please no dot believe the media. There are plenty of loving and affectionate animals that are ready to be cared for in your local adoption center.



Jessica Pisano

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