Help Ban Foie Gras NYC

Help Ban Foie Gras NYC

Jun 19 , 2019

Yesterday, animal rights activists lined up at City Hall NYC to be a voice for the voiceless. We are fighting to help pass the sale of Foie Gras in NYC and here's why...

Foie Gras, translated to "fatty liver" is the act of force feeding ducks and geese to the point which their liver becomes 10 times its normal size, this "delicacy" is extremely barbaric and inhumane. This act involves sticking a tube down the birds' throats to cause the animal to have a diseased liver for the consumption of anyone who might find this appetizing to taste.

Foie Gras is unnecessary torture and discomfort for the ducks and geese affected and there is no humane way or exception to consume any animal just for our palate.

Please help these defenseless creatures by not purchasing such products and contact your Councilmen to let them know that you support the ban of Foie Gras!  







Jessica Pisano

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