Bark in the Park Coney Island Cyclones 8/18 Event Turn Out

Bark in the Park Coney Island Cyclones 8/18 Event Turn Out

Sep 08 , 2019

For those of you who do not live in NYC or have never heard of Coney Island Boardwalk in Brooklyn, I am here to tell you that is an amazing place and you must visit! There is so much history and culture in those few blocks on and off the boardwalk. The streets are lined with restaurants, bars and of course the amusement park that is always filled with kids running to get on the next ride.  I always love to visit Coney Island, preferably at night when it is quieter and cooler but there is ALWAYS something going down there!

For Pet Go Gear, it was the Coney Island Cyclone's Bark in the Park Event. The Brooklyn Cyclones baseball team holds this event every year where you can bring your pooch to enjoy good company and a game. The dogs have their own space in "the backyard" of the stadium where they can run free and play with other dogs. 

The turn out was great, Foxy was there helping set up and mingling with the other dogs (I just always have to watch him because he is extra nosy and loves having his nose in places where it doesn't belong for too long), we got to meet a lot of fluffy friends and their parents (wish I took more pictures, it was just a crazy day). We handed out treats and had the dogs looking their best in their NY Yankees and Mets jerseys. 

After the game was over, Foxy, a friend of ours and I walked the boardwalk and went down to the beach to admire the moon and listen to the waves crash along the sand. It was a beautiful and eventful night.

We will be attending again next year, hope to see you there!


Jessica Pisano


  • September 9, 2019

    Jimie Gibbon


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