Animal Rights March NYC 2019

Animal Rights March NYC 2019

Sep 07 , 2019

On August 24th, I marched in solidarity through the streets of New York City with thousands of other animal rights activists. This year was my first time attending an animal rights march and there was such an empowering and liberating feeling to be had. 

While on the subway heading into Manhattan, I was feeling all the feels... I was nervous, overwhelmed and had a sense of sadness. I was thinking too much about the animals that I would be marching for and the amount of suffering that is forced upon them. That feeling motivated me to push forward and focus on them to continue to fight. I was then excited to participate in a social justice movement that I believed in. 

For a brief moment while in my thoughts, I started to feel hopeful. I hoped that I wouldn't have to attend any more marches after that day and hoped to see animal liberation in my lifetime. I hoped that moving forward, we can use that day to celebrate their freedom instead of fighting for their natural born rights.

Until that historic day comes, I will continue to advocate, continue to fight, continue to educate and continue to be a voice for the voiceless.


Jessica Pisano


  • September 14, 2019

    Jimie Gibbon

    Your amazing ❣ Thank you from all the voiceless innocent beings🙏

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